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    Wikitup is your free personal lookup tool. Need to translate something to your language? Not sure what a complex abbreviation means? Want to know how a platypus looks like? Just hold your Control key and click the word to look up!

    We created a smart engine that brings content from multiple sources, combines it and magically shows it on your screen.

    Wikitup uses the world’s richest information sources such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, YouTube, Picasa and others so our definitions are always fresh.

    We will be adding more and more sources making Wikitup even richer.

    Enjoy, baby!

    Multi-Vertical Search Philosophy

    Internet is huge. But most of the information is concentrated in a handful of services. Wikipedia has articles about almost anything. Youtube has videos on any topic, and Flickr has tons of images. You get the picture.

    So why open the browser, type the search engine URL, type the keyword and then click the links? Wikitup takes you directly to most relevant data sources. 

    We call that Multi-Vertical Search. We believe that with the right choice of data sources, Multi-Vertical search produces great results faster and more conveniently than regular search engine.