Wikitup is developed and supported by a multi-national team of computer professionals.

    We met up on the Internet and decided to bring the power of multi-vertical search to every desktop.

    Meet the team:

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    Konrad – the .Net programmer. Hailing from München, Bavaria, Germany, Old Europe, Konrad learned to program at the age of 12. Although it was not that long ago, Konrad has become a very experience programmer. He chose the .NET platform for Wikitup because he believes it’s the easiest way to develop desktop applications. Well, we don’t care as long as it works

    Annie – Designer. Annie lives in Manchester. She has a great talent for painting, but also saves some spare time for Web Design. She does not enjoy it the same way she enjoys paining, but it’s hard to earn your bread by painting these days. Well, at least in Manchester. We all love Annie’s designs and pictures, and we are sure her paintings will find their way into world’s major galleries some day.

    Alex – the blah-blah guy. Alex coordinates the team and makes it all happen. Alex lives in Israel, Middle East, and has rich startup experience. Being a great Wiki fan, Alex decided to bring the power of Wiki to the desktop and Wikitup was born. After a work day of writing long and boring business emails, Alex sometimes plays violin and takes pictures with his huge Nikon SLR.

    Sean – DB master. Sean speaks pure SQL. An Irish expat in Barcelona, he spends most of his time working in a big corporation. As he says, there they put him in a dark room and made him build something called indexes for huge dull tables. Secretly, we hope our tables will one day also become really huge, but Sean believes they are at least not that dull.

    Jake – the Web whiz. Jake lives in sunny Sunnyvale in California. Jake worked in several companies before starting his own freelance career. He claims it is very successful, and his customers are happy. Besides developing Web sites, Jake enjoys hiking and kiting.

    Jill – the faithful tester. Jill also lives in Sunnyvale. She’s an experienced QA engineer. She used to work for really big guys out there in the Silicon Valley. Now she has two kids and stays home most of the time. But thankfully, she managed to find some time to test Wikitup. She specializes in finding really nasty bugs, giving Konrad and the other guys a lot of headache. We love you, Jill!