Wikitup is an open platform
    We welcome you to join and make your data available to our users

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    Wikitup is easily extendable – new data sources can be added in minutes.

    If you have a nice informational web site or something based on Web Services or REST APIs, we want you to join.
    Why join? You will expose your data source to Wikitup user community and get additional traffic. Wikitup, on the other hand, will become even more compelling to our users. Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?
    The following information is needed to integrate your data source:
    1.Data source name
    2.Data source icon 16×16 (GIF)
    URL template in the form . In runtime, Wikitup will replace %term% by the actual keyword the user entered
    If necessary, you can provide an XSL Transformation file that would convert your output into the format suitable for Wikitup
    Please send your submissions to [email protected]
    We will review your submission and contact you to start the integration process.
    In the future, we will add an automatic interface that will allow you to add your data sources online.
    Stay tuned!
    Wikitup community is waiting for your code.